Interior of living room with stylish wallpaper 3D rendering

How to Choose Perfect Wallpaper for Living Room – 5 Best Tips

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. 
Vince Lombard. 

 The culture of using wallpapers was not part of the Indian culture for a long time and was seen as the western culture. This, however, has changed in the past decade or so where people are moving away from conventional paints to using wallpapers to brighten their house. After all, using a wallpaper is both economical and also give out a variety of designs and styles giving the house a brilliant look.

The added advantage of using the wallpapers is that they are very easy to replace which means that if at any time you think you’re bored of seeing the same design you can remove it and put in a new one without any hassle. Let’s analyze ways to use wallpaper and how to choose perfect wallpaper for your living room.


Perfect Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room

Full wall wallpaper: The most traditional way to choose a wallpaper would be is to pick a favorite one and put that up on the wall from edge to edge. Experts advise that this way choosing a wallpaper shows that you’re happy with your choice and are planning to commit for a long time. This method of choosing the wallpaper is economical and also is easier for installation and removal if you happen to think you want something new. This is the first choice for many for all the above-mentioned reasons.

Half and Half: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like having a uniform wallpaper then you can choose two different wallpapers for the wall in your living room. The challenge here is to make sure that you find two wallpapers which brings out the best in each other and give a great finish to your walls. The designs could either be contrasting style or they can simply merge into each other so that they give out a unique look. At the end of the day which ones you choose will completely depend on your own personal taste. This includes colors, patterns, designs, and finish etc. Bring out your creative side with you and unleash it to give your wall a unique finish by using different wallpapers.

Select walls: Every living room has four walls unless you’re living in a room which is pentagonal or octagonal in shape. Considering that you’re living in a regular home then you have to make a choice whether you want wallpapers on all the four walls or if you want to choose one, two or three. Expert tips are that you either choose one or two sides of the wallpapers and leave the other sides free. For example, if you choose to say to use wallpapers on two walls then you can use other two sides of the living room for other things such as putting up your television, speakers or arts, photos of yourselves and your kids or place memorabilia etc. Decorating all the four walls may not be a good idea. Worst case you can use the wallpapers on three sides and use one side for the other things that we mentioned. This helps the room to look good and also save money as you’re not wasting money on one wall.

Choose the right colors: Colours are personal, which means irrespective of what someone tells you too have to choose a color that you like it personally, at the end of the day it is you who will live there so go with what you like rather than what someone else says. If you’re still confused what the right colors are then you can either go in dark colors like grey or black. But when it comes to wallpapers you can either go with something simple to give you a relaxed feeling or you could go with patterns which will bring out the creative side in you. Considering that living room is where you either watch tv or sit and relax it is better to go for something personal so that when people walk into your living room it gives out an impression as what kind of thinking you have.

Choose the right amount:  This is more to do with saving money and recreating designs than actual designs. If you have too much of wallpaper you may end up using the same design every place which is not great. It is always better to measure your walls and see how much of wallpaper you need and buy accordingly. This way if you want to change the wallpaper in the future you can go for a newer design and color.



With wallpapers the designs can be endless, the wallpapers are easy to install and easy to replace which makes them ideal. The wallpapers are also economical which means you can change as per your need and give a fresh look every time.

best led lightning guide

How to Choose Best LED Lighting for Any Room – Basic Guide


People who want to modernize their houses are always under constant struggle to understand where to begin with. Their struggle is justified considering that there are many different options that are available starting from interior decoration to change in furniture, change in colors to change in design patterns which could drive any house owner into a frenzy. However, one of the easiest upgrades that the house owners could go for is by choosing LED over other forms of lighting for their houses. LED which is short for the light emitting diode is stylish, bright, economic and comes in a variety of colors and shapes making them the best choice.


How to Choose Best LED Lighting for Any Room:

  • Lumens: Most people will go to market and come back with higher wattage because they believe that higher wattage means that the led bulbs would be brighter. However, that might not always be the case. Lumens is the term used by light bulbs to showcase how much brightness they give out. Some bulbs will have higher lumens even at lower wattage which means if you’re looking for LED always look at Lumens and not wattage. Higher wattage would mean higher power consumption and doesn’t necessarily mean brighter.
  • Choose the right color: Most people make the mistake of choosing the LED based on the color of their walls either to go with the colour or contrast with the color. However, the guide to choosing LED has nothing to do with the colour per se rather it has everything to do with what purpose the LED will serve. If you want to read then milky white is better as it is less of a strain on your eyes. If it in living room where you mostly watch TV then you could use the transparent ones. If you’re using for bed light then better to go for soft blues as they help to relax.
  • Find the right spot: The LEDs even though are money saver and power saver are still costing you money and most of the time it is because of improper installation and not because of the LED itself. From the research, it was found out that not how many bulbs you use rather where you place these LEDs that would make all the difference between a bright house and a darker house. So, to make sure that in quest to search for best LEDs for house you don’t make the mistake of placing the right ones at the wrong place. For example, most people would make the mistake of placing the bulb near windows where there is enough natural light already. In rooms instead of using overhead lights always choose the bed lights, they are easy to access and helps you to focus to read which means the rest of the room doesn’t have to be lit when not necessary. This reduces power consumption and helps you save a lot of money.
  • Choose the right shape: The best things that happened to LEDs was that they are not just energy savers but also can be used for decorative purposes. Modern LEDs comes in a variety of colors and also shapes. Now all you have to do is to make sure that the shapes of the LEDs match the design pattern of the room. Even if you’re not a decorator you can always choose different shapes just so that you can stay away from boring round-shaped bulbs. The spiral, globes, floodlight, spotlight etc are some of the few common ones.
  • Don’t go for Cheap ones: The cost of the LED is usually higher than regular bulbs which means there are many knockoffs and cheap LEDs available in the market. The advantage of the LED is that they give you longer life, can be switched on and off multiple times. However, the low-quality material used in the cheap LEDs may not give the same results and hence may get damaged quickly or may simply cost you more which defeats the main purpose of having a LED in the first place.



The LEDs are a great source of lighting for both homes and offices, however, at home you can play around with different colors and shapes to make these lights brighten and sharpen up the place for you. If you haven’t yet, hopefully, this article will help you to make the right choice.

types of tiles and uses

Types of Tiles & Their Uses – Basic Guide for Buyers


Introduction to Tiles

Tiles have become an integral part of every building irrespective of whether it is home or office. Tiles are universally used all over the world and they come in many varieties and are used for many different purposes. Common types of tiles are:

  • Roofing Tiles
  • Flooring Tiles
  • Wall Tiles
  • Partition Tiles

Roofing Tiles

Roofing tiles may not be that common right now but it is still used to decorate houses and give that posh looks. Once it was considered as the integral source of roofing considering it was made of similar mud that was used to make bricks. The process of making it is very simple and provides good protection and design to houses.

Flooring Tiles

The most common ones that are used all over are the flooring tiles. Flooring tiles have undergone major changes over the year in terms of size, shapes, and color, yet they continue to be an integral part of buildings. Some of the common ones are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.

Wall Tiles

They are more designed based difference as compared to the quality of the tiles or the materials that are used for the tails.

Partition Tiles

They are mainly used for decorative purpose where the different rooms are partitioned using tails rather than using a brick or a wooden wall or a separator. They add colour, design and flavour to the buildings.


Based on the material used some of the common types of tiles are:

  • Ceramic tiles are the most common form of tails that are used all around the world. They are ideally suitable for home or offices. The ceramic tiles are very simple to make which means they are priced at lower rates as compared to other tiles. Ceramic tiles can be glazed or unglazed. The glazed ones are shiny and smooth and hence make them perfect for flooring.


  • Quarry tiles are the ceramic tiles which are unglazed. The process to make them is similar however, the difference lies in the finish quality of the tiles. The quarry tiles are usually not polished too much so that they give a textured matte finish. These are gaining popularity all around the world mainly because unlike glazed tiles they look the same after many years too. This means the maintenance with quarry tiles is very easier compared to the ceramic tiles. The only disadvantage is that they get stained easily and if not cleaned properly may stay on for a long while.


  • Porcelain Tile: Even though they are also a type of ceramic tiles the difference lies in the fact that porcelain is made from fine-grained clay than ceramic and porcelain is fired at a higher temperature. This makes them water resistant. The porcelain tiles are used as weatherproof although they are very commonly used in toilets and showers where there is constant water. The fact that they don’t observe moisture makes them ideal for these uses.


  • Tile Mosaics: The mosaics have an advantage over other tiles that they are customizable. They come in smaller shape and size, however, they can be used to make customized designs. They are usually used for a smaller area such as toilet or kitchen to make the unique and different from rest of the house. Mosaics can be either porcelain or clay composition, however, considering that they are six inches square mean that they are easy to handle and create unique designs. Another added advantage is that they can be installed by anyone so if someone is planning a DIY then Mosaics are the best ones to use.


  • Natural Stone Tiles: There are many types of natural stone tiles with common ones being granite, marble, and sandstone. The main advantage of natural stone is that the grains and designs are natural as they are cut from the rocks which means no two designs would look same. They can also be cut into bigger slabs, far bigger than any ceramic or porcelain tiles would come which means installation is very fast compared to any other tiles. The only disadvantage is that they are hard to transfer because they are very heavy and also requires specialized people and tools to install them. However, the quality of finish that they provide is very unique and something everyone must try.

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advantages and disadvantages of upvc windows

Advantages and Disadvantages of UPVC Windows


Many people would have heard about PVC pipes as they have been used worldwide. However, even though not many people know about it, UPVC has been around for many years, however, in the recent past, they have gained world wide recognition. The main reason for the success of the UPVC and UPVC products such as the windows are the fact that they are very flexible to design and come in wide variety of colours, colours that brighten up the home and offices and gives that unique feel.

UPVC is made of polyvinyl chloride, a type of polymer which was created in the last century. The PVC is very flexible, this is then leveraged through unique formulation to create the UPVC which has become the biggest part of many doors and windows all around the world. If you’re one of them who are still thinking whether to go for UPVC windows to your home and offices then this will definitely help you.

Advantages of UPVC windows

  • UPVC windows are lightweight, which means UPVC windows are very easy to transport them on roads and also to carry them to higher floors when you go for multilevel home and office spaces.
  • In spite of being lightweight, UPVC windows are very sturdy which means that chances of them getting damaged are very less. No need for extra protection while transporting which makes the process simpler and cheap.
  • UPVC materials doesn’t corrode at all. This makes them ideal for windows and doors even when they are coming in contact with a lot of water, even sea water. Their inability to corrode means that they are very good in extreme weather conditions.
  • UPVC windows require very minimum cleaning. UPVC material doesn’t let the dust to settle down, instead, they fall off which means the need to clean them is reduced significantly which helps save time and money.
  • They are very economical, even more than wooden or aluminium doors which means that they can be installed when and where necessary without having to worry about the budget.
  • They come in different shapes and colours. This will be very helpful to bring out the designer within you. Now you can say goodbye to boring common colours and create designs with different colours for your home and offices.
  • They are very useful to regulate temperatures within homes and offices. They can keep the inner areas cooler during summer and warmer during winter which makes them a must want for any home or office.
  • UPVC windows are reinforced with galvanized steel which means that they provide better security than wooden and aluminium windows. Galvanised steel makes the windows so sturdy that it becomes difficult for anyone to break open the windows which is always a good option in terms of security.

Disadvantages of UPVC Windows

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of the UPVC windows is that after a while they lose that shine and colour which means that they start to look like old windows faster than wooden or aluminium windows.
  • The UPVC windows are widely used in cities and metros which means that if you’re living in country sites it may be difficult for you to find one.
  • The UPVC windows even though are rigid have been known to crack at higher pressure. Galvanised steel protects them at the point of lock but the rest of the UPVC windows could get broken when used higher pressure.
  • Customisation in terms of colour and shapes are possible with the UPVC, however, the fact that most of the designs revolve around old-fashioned designs means that they need to complete rehaul of their designs which would help them stay with the modernisation.


If you’re thinking of buying the UPVC windows we would suggest you for it. Yes, there are few disadvantages however the UPVC features are so good the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in many ways making them ideal for home and offices. The fact that they are also trendy and getting worldwide recognition is another plus that you need to get them installed in your home or office. Especially in India people are moving away from traditional wooden doors and windows and looking for different ones and that is where UPVC would be the best option for them.

best trending colors of late 2017

Cool Interior Colours of Late 2017 That You Should Know


As the year-end is approaching, it is always a good idea to look at what colours still works at this point in time. These colours will not only reflect the existing trends but also helps you to carry this into the coming year as well.

Let’s Look at the Top 10 Interior Colour Trends of Late 2017

  • Black: Black never goes out of fashion. Black is one of the most chosen colours mainly because it provides a very good background for any other decorations you want in your room. Whether you want to hang an art or want to place an antique item black is the perfect colour. The added advantage of having a dark room is that it helps you sleep well which is something black is best at it.
  • Navy Gold: Navy Gold is the colour that people choose when they don’t want to choose black. Navy Gold is all the rage in the recent past amongst the people who are redesigning their rooms and want a change in colour. Navy Gold colour provides almost all the features that dark black would provide all the while being fashionable and trendy at the same time.
  • Serene Blue: Many people will think that blue is not a fashionable colour however that is where they are wrong. According to Zillow’s 2017 Paint Colours Analysis study homes which had blue colour were considered far wealthier as they gave that royal look and feel. This also had an effect on the pricing of the homes, it was estimated that the houses which had blue interior were priced $5,400 more than the expected price.
  • Colour Clash: Why to go with one colour when you can combine and mix different colours. Choosing two or more colour combinations and creating patterns looks far better than as compared to going for a single dark colour. It also gives you a freedom to express your inner self and bringing different patterns which shows what’s on your mind which will amaze and puzzle people at the same time.
  • Pink: For a long time, pink was associated with female gender, however pink is the colour that most people are going with. Pink makes a bold statement as compared to any other colours. It brings out moods and helps people to relax and is capable of enhancing mood.
  • Green: Green is always considered as colour which brings in freshness in people. If you’re one of those people who are in a creative field or want to bring in a change to the world then green is your colour. We wouldn’t suggest green for bedrooms whereas, for living rooms and study rooms, green is probably the best colour that you could choose.
  • Minimalist Pastels: Ditching dark colours and going for a lighter shade of yellow, green or pink gives a new definition to the house altogether. Minimalist pallets make people believe that there has been a change and it is a noticeable change. Minimalist Pastels brings such as yellow, green or pink brings in harmony and makes the house feel that much better.
  • Lavender Mist: Lavender Mist is probably one of the most underrated colours. Most people believe that maintaining lavender mist is hard, however, lavender mist brings in light and brightens up space. Bright space in living rooms and study rooms are always encouraged as they help to keep your mind and your house fresh at all times.
  • Stripes: By adding stripes of colour you’re bringing in creativity and along with that they help to make the house look bigger. Choosing a dark colour and a lighter colour to create the stripes always helps. The stripes help the room look far more unique and takes away attention from how big or small the room actually is.
  • Charcoal Grey: If you are a person who wants to make a fashion statement then charcoal grey is the colour you need to go for your powder room. Charcoal grey is very effective in highlighting everything else that you have in the room. If you want to try on makeup or want to compare the clothes that you want to wear for the party then charcoal grey is the right colour for you.



At the end of the choosing, a particular colour for your house is always a personal choice. However, we suggest that you go with your favourite colour, this makes you happy to look at it and that is probably the best way to choose a colour. However, if you are running out of options, we hope that our analysis has helped you to make a choice.

best budget friendly bedroom makeover ideas

Top 10 Budget-friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas


Bedroom is one of the most important aspects of any home, it is the place where you put your troubles away and try and relax. In order to do that it is very important that the bedroom suits your mood.

We Look at Top 10 Budget-friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas:

  • Get rid of all the clutter:

Every person at some point in their lives realizes that they have way too many things that they would need in their bedroom. This could be unnecessary stands and old luggage or simply way too many electronics such as tablets, laptops, computers and mobile phones. It is always better to keep them as far away from the bedroom as possible. This will make your room, bigger and also provides that freshness which is very essential.

  • Turn off overhead lights:

Lighting is very essential for a good night’s sleep. Having too many lights will not help you get enough rest or would not add to the style of the bedroom. Removing overhead lights and adding nightlamps or a desk lamp will make room stylish and because they are easily accessible and is limited in luminance will make them better.

  • Always have plants:

The easiest way to give your bedroom a makeover would be to bring in some life by having plants. What kind of plants will help depends on your personal preference and choice. Having plants does not only increase the style of the room but also makes sure that you get fresh air which makes the living so much better.

  • Remove excessive pillows:

Many people fill up their beds with pillows, they could be style statement with their unique covers and patterns. However, too many pillows may not be right all the time. Having two sets of proportional pillows will make the bed look bigger and cleaner and helps your style statement. Sometimes removing stuff from the bedroom is all the makeover that it needs to change the way you look.

  • Matching may not be a good idea:

It’s very tempting to have bedsheets, pillows, blinders and curtains all match the colour of the wall. However, they may not be the right way to go about. In designing it is always better to go for contrasting designs and colours to make your bedroom look unique and stylish. This is not going to cost much, all you need is a vivid imagination.

  • Vintage is now trending:

When there so many modern designs and advanced technological items, people tend to forget or ignore the vintage items. However, bringing those vintage items into your bedroom to decorate will add to the flavour and makes it look so much vibrant. Adding vintage items is also a representation of the culture which is always a plus point.

  • Add fresh flowers:

Flowers are a great way to give a makeover to your bedroom. The variety of colours and fragrance would mean that everyday every kind of flower would make your room look like a brand new one and gives you a fresh and unique feeling which not only helps your mood but also makes sure that room looks refreshing at all times.

  • Hang art décor:

Art is a very difficult thing to suggest someone. What kind of art someone likes all depends on their taste and interest in those things. However, adding any kind of art is always a great thing for a bedroom. Make sure that you have a perfect frame for that art which brings out the best in them. This not only adds to the makeover but also create curiosity in the minds of visitors and guests regarding your personal choice making you that much more interesting.

  • Go for the dark colours:

If you haven’t already, it is time that you get rid of bright colours or boring white colours from bedroom. Navy colour is all the rage right now, or you could go for any dark shades for your bedroom. Dark colours don’t reflect light which means they are very essential for getting that good night’s sleep and also will make sure that will create a style statement for your bedroom.

  • Always place your bed in the middle:

The common mistake that people make is to push the bed to a corner. This not just makes the cleaning part harder but destroys the style statement of the bedroom. Having the bed in the middle means there is enough space to add your night lamps, and stands to place arts which helps the room to have that style statement.


At the end of the day, there are millions of things that you could do to give a makeover to your bedroom. The most important aspect to remember is that just moving items around doesn’t help, rather getting rid of items and bringing in the new ones is always the best idea.


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Modern interior design

Trending Interior Designs of Late 2017 to Keep in Mind


Trends in Interior Designs is an ever-changing aspect and it is for the good. Who wants to look at the same old designs all the time? Follow these trends and make your home more stylish and attractive.

Bright green walls:

Green was named “Pantone color of the year”. Green indicates freshness, which is perfect for the interiors as who wouldn’t want some freshness in their homes and in their lives. Everyday stress of life can be reduced simply by changing the interior colors of the walls and also considering that it is trending will also help you stay in touch with the trend and be fashionable.

Navy is all the buzz:

If you’re redesigning your kitchen cabinets or repainting your bedrooms Navy is the new black. The biggest advantage of going with the Navy color is how well it compliments any other color that you use. The science has proven that having a darker color for your bedroom helps the room to keep darker which in turn helps you to get more sleep. So, say bye-bye to boring black colors and welcome the freshness of Navy color.

Local materials:

The times have changed and the shopping for interiors has come a full circle, once people use to buy materials from all over the world to decorate their homes, now it’s all about going local. Shopping from local businesses mean that you are encouraging local business and also bringing in part of your own rich heritage into your houses which not only brightens up the house but helps to carry forward a piece of history.

Mixed patterns:

While shopping for comforters, duvets, blankets, and sheets look for mixed patterns over plain boring colors. Patterns are all the rage and were even showcased at the New York fashion week. The idea being that having mismatched patterns creates a style that regular monochrome colors simply couldn’t bring it to the home décor.

Artisanal instead of DIY:

The idea of DIY to brighten up the interior had its days and it worked well as well. People put their time and effort to showcase what they were good at by displaying their designs at home. Now it is all about artisanal. Going out and looking for an artist and looking at what they are expressing and how that can be part of your home interior is the trend. All you have to do is spend time and look for artists who are more expressive and incorporates the local culture.

Designing the interior can be a daunting task, however, keeping up with the latest trends is even harder, especially when the trends keep changing all the time. However, the best way to deal with the changing trends is to know what the trends are and add a touch of personal design. Always remember adding part of your culture to the designs always makes the interior more stylish and makes people more attracted to the way they look at the interiors of your house.

best home bar design ideas

How to Design Your Home Bar Cost Effectively


Home bar adds up to the style and makes the place looks cool. Home bars are becoming more and more common in modern-day architectural designs. Whether you are trying to add a home bar to an old house or planning to include home bar into a new project we have got it covered.

Considering the availability of millions of designs and options sometimes it’s never sure what’s the best way to go about the home bar. This article looks at the factors to consider to design a stylish yet cost-effective home bar.

Space doesn’t decide the cost, mostly:

The first and the foremost important aspect is deciding how big the home bar will be. Just because the area is bigger doesn’t necessarily mean that the expense will be higher. Always remember that it is easier to design an open space such as a garage rather than modifying the interior of the house. Open spaces can be filled with necessary furniture, however, destroying a segment of a house to redesign it for a bar could be expensive and very time-consuming. Unless you have no other option, using an open space such as an unused room or a garage is less expensive.

Look at magazines and use virtual systems to design:

Before you actually begin it is always better to look at interior design magazines which will give you an idea as what you can do and shouldn’t do when it comes to designing a home bar. Alternatively, you can use virtual environment to look what the home bar would look like before actually starting the process. This makes sure that you know exactly what you want and how it looks so that you would eliminate waste or any redoing. We suggest websites such as and to visualize your home bar before building it.

Redesign your old cabinets:

To cut cost you can use your old cabinets, a little bit of repainting and refurbishing will mean that the old cabinets can be used to store alcohol. This is less expensive and gives that antique look to your bar and adds style to your bar space. Hey, at least you could say cool stories about your cabinet to the guests when throwing a party.

Be creative:

Nothing saves money like being creative, you don’t always have to go for high-end furniture or expensive countertops to make your home bar looks ravishing. Adding a personal touch and being creative can go a long way. For example, you could use old wooden barrels as seats and put some cushion on top of them. You could use your old bookshelf and convert that to become your liquor cabinet. There is no limit to what you can achieve with creativity.


When deciding to go for a home bar the most important thing that needs to be understood is that it will part of your home. This means that the amount of time you spend researching about what to do and what suits your space will mean that it will take less effort and resources to build that home bar. If it is a one-off party we suggest you use temporary fix which can be restored back to original after the party is over. However, if it is going to be part of your house forever then take time.

Our suggestion would be to build the bar in steps, this way you can look at every step and see the progress and then decide what additional things can be added.

Follow this link for some of the DIY home bars and maybe that will help you to get creative too.

art of designing

Art of Lighting


The beauty of an interior is enhanced by adequate lighting. A well-lit house is a representative of a pitch-perfect note towards the category of functional and non-functional aspects. Our experts at Happy Homes will provide you with the right kind of lighting solutions for your living space which will immediately warm up your mood as well as heighten your décor, arts, and furniture present in your living space. Our lighting designs include lights for different moods (warm, cozy, and contemporary) such as table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, cabinet lights, etc. You will find exclusive lighting designs for both warm and soft glow. We at Happy Homes will set up your lighting design in a way so that it can create the right vibes in setting your mood.

Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.

tips for interior designing

Interior Design tips for modern Indian Homes


Interior design is something related to the best possible use of the available living space area. You will always get a positive vibe from a room which is bright and well decorated. You can decorate your rooms as per your chosen dream themes. Interior designing changes with the nature of people as well as with their age. Here are a few tips that will help you to renovate your home décor in a unique way.

  • Choose a particular theme for your dream home and paint accordingly. You can choose any colour and shade depending on the mood and vibes.
  • Use your living space area with modern multipurpose furniture which will effectively use your living space.
  • You can balance the elements in the house for creating the perfect mood. For instance, dark with bright and heavy with light.
  • If you want to decorate your dream home in an Indian ethnic style, you can pep up your living space with Indian artworks.

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.”

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